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Work With Purpose

We help impactful organisations find quality talent


About us

In 2019 we set up 7 Lives, an HR firm which later became specialised in IT recruitment. We achieved a lot, but after discovering the ideas of thinkers within the Effective Altruism Movement, such as Peter Singer and William MacAskill, we felt inspired to do more.


We realised that the skills we’d learned could be put to better use by assisting impactful organisations with their recruitment efforts. So, we created Altruistic Careers - an HR firm built to help effective organisations.

Good Will Hunting 

We offer bespoke headhunting for EA-aligned orgs

We help impactful organisations recruit for hard-to-fill positions. Throughout our time working on this project, the feedback we’ve continually heard is that traditional recruitment agencies aren’t able to fully appreciate and account for the unique requirements needed to hire effective do-gooders. We aim to resolve this problem by providing world-class headhunting adapted to the needs of effective non-profits.

Our Mission


Save Time

Our most valuable resource is time. It can take hundreds of hours to recruit new team members. We take on this work so that impactful organisations can focus directly on their projects.


Find Quality Talent 

An organisation is only as effective as the individuals comprising it. We support high-impact projects by sourcing the best possible candidates.


Discover Impactful Work

We help people find careers where they can have a significant positive influence, by spreading awareness of high-impact job opportunities and through targeted talent acquisition.

Why Choose
Altruistic Careers?

High-Quality Candidates 

After spending years working with for-profits, we’ve developed the expertise needed to find exceptionally high-quality personnel. We are experts in targeted talent acquisition, often recruiting candidates from our extensive network who were not actively seeking new positions. Using specialised technology and our large database pool of talent, we are able to source a vast range of candidates, to fit a variety of roles.  

Agile Team

Our small team can cater to your organisation’s needs with greater flexibility than a large corporation. We pride ourselves in the speed at which we can adapt our recruitment strategy to the changing demands of our clients.


We will save your organisation time. Instead of spending countless hours finding and assessing potential candidates, you will meet with only the most suitable, pre-screened profiles. Since recruitment is our sole occupation, we are able to conduct the recruitment process far more efficiently than any non-specialised organisation could alone, which significantly reduces the time taken to fill vacancies.

Recruitment Expertise 

As your organisation grows, it can become hard to understand what profiles are needed to satisfy particular roles. We have a detailed understanding of the skills and attributes required to fill complex positions. As well as non-tech roles, we have a particularly robust grasp of the IT job market, after spending years specialising in this area.

EA Values

We created Altruistic Careers without external funding. By working with us, you will be supporting the maintenance of our service so that we can continue to provide assistance to important projects. Unlike a commercial firm, we donate all our profits to effective charities.

Meet The Team 

Chandni Manilal


Beatriz Costa


Celso Ferreira

Human Resources Manager

Finn Clancy

Global Outreach


Steven is our Ethics Consultant. He is an academic researcher at the Center for Philosophical and Humanistic Studies at the Catholic University of Portugal.

Much of Steven’s academic work has focused on Effective Altruism, including ‘Homo Ignarus’ a treaty on rationality in an irrational age.  He also organised a short course exploring the ideas of EA, which includes a guest lecture by Peter Singer. He has also collaborated with other thought leaders such as Paul Bloom, Noam Chomsky, as well as Nobel Prize-winning physicist Sir Roger Penrose.

Our Donations 


All of our profits go towards effective charities. We selected our charities based on the research conducted by Give Well and Animal Charity Evaluators. The ACE recommendations were an important inclusion for us, as the suffering of animals is a highly significant and overlooked issue. We donate in equal measure to the following charities:

Against malaria foundation.jpeg
wild animal iniative.jpeg
Malaria Consortium.jpeg
The humane league.jpeg
Helen Keller INTl.jpeg


+44 7429 101118



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